SmartWeek 90-Day Online Program

SmartWeek is the SMART way to think about, plan, and use our Time in today’s busy, noisy, distracting, and demanding 24/7 world we now live in.

What’s Included


A three step process with 13 Modules designed to help you Get Your Time Back, and Achieve More over Time.

Weekly Module


Downloadable guides

Exercises to complete

Time to implement your learnings

Only £99 +vat


I absolutely know this works, and I know this is MASSIVE value for money in terms of the content shared, and the impact it will have on your life and business after implementing all the tools and strategies.

If however, you are not satisfied with the product or the results achieved within the first four weeks after purchase, I will happily refund your investment upon receipt of all of your completed worksheets.

This is not Rocket Science, it’s really simple stuff, some of it obvious, some of it not so obvious, but is hugely effective and works when applied!  The Program has been designed to stack each Module on the one before so you compound your results and success over the 13 weeks and beyond.


Nobody has enough Time today, we are all Time Poor, and we seem to be trapped in this quest for more Time, trying to get more done, to be more productive, and my question for you is this – How is it working for you right now?”

And for most, it isn’t, because this is an unsustainable quest, once you get more, you’ll just want even more, and there comes a point when there isn’t any more Time to have, by which point we’re working way too many hours, burnt out, and probably not achieving the results we are looking for.

This isn’t the solution, so maybe it’s Time to try something else.  It’s about slowing down, having available Time, and being less busy by being more planned, deliberate and purposeful, ultimately having more Time to think.

So we start with our first TWO modules are

Time Wasters

Time Stealers


Whenever I ask the question “Who would like to get more done?”, almost everyone’s hand is raised.  But when I ask the question “Who would like to have LESS to do?”, you can see a look on people’s faces as they try to work out what have I just asked, and eventually, maybe half the people will raise their hand.

When you’re busy being busy, we get caught up in the busyness of the day, the week, life, that we rarely stop to ask a different question.

Today, you will NEVER get it all done, so my chase the goal of always wanting to get more done.  Instead, it should be about doing more of the RIGHT things whilst in total we do less, but achieve greater results from the things we do get done.


Step 2 is about two KEY things.

ONE – Developing a way of working where you are ruthless with your priorities, and learn to STICK with them and IGNORE everything and everyone else until you’re finished.

TWO – Giving you the tools to support you working in this way and develop the habits of planning, ultimately the purpose of this Step.


The SIX Modules are


Challenges & Opportunities

The Hats You Wear

Managing Stuff

Week Plan Page

Day Plan Page


Now we finally look to the future and introduce the tools and strategies to enable us to save months, even years, by gaining clarity on our Key Focus Areas and aligning our Projects to these and implement the ways of working to ensure we stay on track.

And when we get knocked off track (and we will…it’s called life) we know how to get back on track may be more quickly than we have done in the past.

What we need is a SIMPLE system we are more likely to follow, and with your year on one page, your 90-days on one page, your 30-days on one page, you can’t get simpler than that.  Everything that is IMPORTANT for each timeframe all in one place, literally on one A4 piece of paper.


The FIVE Modules are


Long-Term Goals

Year Plan Page(s)

90-Day Projects Page

30-Day Actions Page

Success Routines


The previous 13 modules have all focussed on YOU, things to STOP doing, and new things to START doing, it’s all been about developing your personal system, your way of working and being.  We have to start here because if you are not in control of what you DO and DO NOT DO with your Time, nothing will ever change.

Now in this final module, we’ll take a look at how you literally create more Time in the week.  This is about utilising other people’s services, software, and automation to get things done you no longer need to.


Here we’ll explore ways to get things done without you having to do them both in your personal life, as well as in your business, and ultimately freeing you up more Time to do more of the things you want to do.


Only £99 +vat

This is the proven system I personally created and used to go from working 80 hours a week down to 40 hours a week within a month, and go on to have the two most successful years of a 20-year career.

The content for this program has been refined over the years as a result of working with literally hundreds of Managers and Business Owners, and is the culmination of all the successes experienced during this Time.  This material has all been applied in real life … and it works!


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