Smart Week

SmartWeek is about putting you firmly back in control of what happens with, and what you do with your time. It’s about designing the ideal week for your success (whatever success is for you), all 168 hours, across four weeks, and then implement it.

It’s also about changing our mindset from trying to do more, to wanting to do less … to ACHIEVE more, there’s a difference, a HUGE one.

My aim with SmartWeek is to ultimately help you free up time to do more of the things you want to do, forever!

To do this, we’ll explore how the four boxes of time either work for you, or against you.

How it works

SmartWeek 90-Day Online Training Program is made up of 13 weekly modules, delivered one week at a time, and include …

  • Weekly module
  • Video
  • Downloadable guides
  • Exercises to complete
  • Time to implement your learnings

The entire training is built around three main principles:

Slow down

This is all about freeing up time. Before I start asking you to do something new, I know I need to help you free up some hours first, then you’ll have more available time to implement the Time Saving and Time Creating activity.

Do less

Counter intuitive I know, to suggest Doing Less when we’re all in the pursuit of more, to get more done, more quickly, but often this blinds us to asking the most important question of all…“Do I even need to do this?”. And often the answer would be no, or at least no, not now.

Achieve more

Having eliminated a load of ACTIVITY from your day and week, gained a clearer insight into what is important and worthy of your time, attention and energy, and checked it fits into the 168 hours a week you have, in this final step I’ll share five things you can now introduce to help you SAVE even more time, stay focused on what is really important, and prevent life’s distractions (and there are many as you’ve discovered) from getting in the way.