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About Andy M Edwards

About Andy M Edwards

The Time & Productivity Coach and Founder of TimeSmart


How do you go from working about 80 hours a week down to about 40 hours a week, and have the two most successful years of a 20-year career?

Well, I did just that only a few years ago.

During the final two years of my employed life, I took my business area, currently lying 48th out of 51 after yet another re-structure to 2nd in the country by the Time I left, all whilst working fewer hours than I had done in the previous 18 years.

I’d achieved this through hard work and long hours, believing that was just how it was.  One of the most irritating phrases I used to hear was “work smarter, not harder”, and I remember thinking if it was that simple we’d all be doing it wouldn’t we!

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