Forever change the way you look at time to become the business owner who is never ‘busy’.

Slow Down

Do Less

Achieve More

The Problem

We live in a busy, noisy, and distracting world, that never stops!

Always too much to do, never enough Time to get it all done, constantly interrupted and distracted all day long from doing whats really important, too many pulls on your Time by other people and the never ending stream of emails and messages across so many different platforms … all expecting a reply instantly

So what do we do …

We try and find more Time, to work more hours, knuckle down and try to get more done, find ways to be more productive, respond to more messages to please more people.

The Impact

It doesn’t get better does it? In fact, it only continues to compound the challenges we already have, only now we’re probably more exhausted and frustrated than ever, and not seeing the results for all our hard work.

We’ve got so caught up chasing more Time, trying to get more done, and striving to be more productive, that in the busyness of life trying to do it all, we never stop to think if we even need to do it in the first place.

This prevents us from considering another option, a more sustainable option, and one that will ultimately free you up the Time and space to achieve more of what you want, and finally climb down from the Hamster

Wheel of Life.

The Solution…

Is Less

To strive to Free up Time, have Less To Do, and Slow Down.

Sounds counter intuitive I know to everything we’ve probably believed up to now, but let’s be honest, is the current way working? Probably not as you’re here reading this.

It’s Time to take a closer look at what has been filling your Time, to get rid of a load of zero value activity to free up the Time and space to focus on the more important things that will truly make the difference you are looking for, and get things completed.


Within a month I was down to about 40 hours a week, and stayed there, and during my final two years in corporate life took my business area from 48th out of 51 (not an enviable position to be in!) to 2nd in the company. All whilst doing 20, 30 and 40 hours less a week than I had done in the previous 18 years!
It was scarily simple to do, once I worked out what to do, and how to do it.

And for over a decade I have been sharing what I did with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Managers helping them to do the same.

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About Andy

Having been that person in the pursuit of more thinking it will get better eventually … to put more hours in to get more done, to be more available to serve more people, and to continue to take more new things on to improve results, all it got me after an 18 year career was 80 hours a week, not delivering the results I wanted, constantly exhausted, frequently frustrated, and burnt out.

We know what we know, and we don’t know what we don’t know.

And what I didn’t know, because no one had ever shared this with me, and I hadn’t thought until then to search for a different way, is that more is not the solution. It’s unsustainable!

So out of desperation, and inspired by a story from the early 1900’s about Ivy Lee and Charles M Schwab, I set about the pursuit of doing less to achieve more, after all, what had I got to lose? I wasn’t prepared to carry on with the way it was!